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  • Much love to everyone who made the Move Festival so great!  
  • Guys join us kill all the upcoming festivals in 2013!!  Touring the northeast and midwest this year!!
    It starts in Harrisburg PA where we will be on Pay Per View!! It's called the Derby Ink Invitational where ruthless women on skates knock each other out racing for victory. 
  • We've been in hibernation mode for the
    past 2 months.  Just creating music and taking a small break to sort our lives out a bit, if you know what we mean.  We hope that 2013 will be another step in the right direction for us.  To all our friends, families and fans we couldn't have done this without you.  LOVE YA!
  • Performing our last show of the year for the less forturnate.  There will be hundreds of kids at DROM, sponsored by NEW YORK CARES.  This will be a great benefit for them.  We can't wait for this one.
  • We met a lot of great artists, fans, and made new friends at CMJ week 2012.  We'll keep on doing this for ever guys!
  • Revolving One has been chosen to perform in this years ING New York City Marathon which will be broadcasted on NBC and ESPN!!! We can't wait to motivate and inject adrenaline into our New York Road Runners (NYRR) as they reach their goal of 26.2 Miles of NYC pavement.
    Stayed tuned everyone! We will give you more info regarding our exact location.
    Much thanks to all our fans and sponsors who have supported us. This show is for all of you. ♥
  • "Prendeme" is our first spanish song ever recorded and it won't be the last. Based on the idea of our song Set It Off, "Prendeme" captures the same vibe and emotion but displays it in an entire different way, standing out not only as the spanish version of Set It Off but as a single of its own. We hope you all enjoy it and share it with your friends.  It's currently getting played in Ecuador and Mexico!
  • Being couped up in the studio is an exhausting experience!! But when we create music that we love, everything is worth it.  Click here for our latest release called Siberian Metro Line.
  • We have just release our new music video called Lucky.  It's about the constant struggles teenagers face on a day to day basis, whether at home or in school.  Click Here to view!!
  • WARPED TOUR HERE WE GO! Just make sure everyone sends us there by voting please. We want to sweat and scream for all our fans!! HELL FREAKIN YEAH!! 
  • See what Music Connection Magazine has to say about us and about the latest single called "Set It Off".  Click Here :b
  • Our brand new single is out for the new year.  This one is dedicated to all our fans!  It's called, "SET IT OFF".
  • Just finishing our single called Set it Off.  The main riff of the song is an arpeggiated chord from our synth machine. 
  • Wanna see us answer weird questions that our fans sent us?  Click on RESONATE TV.
  • Being currently played throughout 30 Universities in the U.S and counting! Shout outs to these stations who have played our music CJUM, KAMP, KCSS, KNDS, KNWD, KOPN, WCFM, WESU, WHRW, KZMU, WMPG, WONY, WPTS, WSIA, WTTU, WUSM, WXJM, WGFR, KUWS, KBOR, and much more. But espacial thanks to Vic Radio in Ithaca, NY for the extra love!
  • Featured on JamSphere Independent Music Magazine. Our song called 'Lonely Man' was the song of the week.
  • Featured on !!  Download a free song from the "Download This! Free MP3s)
  • Working on a spanish rock song.  You have the right to be amazed.  :)
  • Working on a Christmas Song as we speak and a couple of new music videos! PEACE - LOVE - ROCK!
  • Show - Oct 29th. @ the Village Lantern! We will be headlining the show @ 8pm! As safety is our priority, this show has been cancelled due to the inclement weather (snow).  We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • We will be releasing our EP called Love or Another Kind of Hunger this Sep 26th.  Catch it!! Sneak Peak on FB!!
  • Had a great time competing for the best bands of NY and CT!!
  • Did some say BATTLE OF THE BANDS? We will be battling it out on September 17th in Connectticut.  Where? Catch us at The Room.
  • Going to play live at Sullivan Hall NY on Sept. 3rd.  We go on live at 8pm!
  • Just finished recording two more songs off our first Album called Love or Another Kind of Hunger.  Look for it by the End of August.
  • Will be playing live @ Sullivan Hall, NY, NY on Sep. 3rd 8pm SHARP! Hope to see you guys there!!
  • The National Underground is where we will be on August 20th 7pm SHARP!!
  • Finished recording our latest single called Our Days©.  It's posted on our FB page as well.  Tell us what Ya think on our blogs!
  • 06.29.11 - Recording at the Pilot Studio in NJ.
  • Will be releasing our EP by the end of August 2011.  BUY IT!!
  • 07.01.11 - Did our last show at the Alphabet Lounge in NYC.  Focusing on releasing our EP.
  • Our Song called Lucky© has been chosen to for a music video.  Look out for that soon.



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  • 09.03.13 - ING NYC Marathon
  • 08.10.13 - Funkadelic Studios, NY
  • 04.27.13 - Move Music Festival, Albany, NY
  • 04.19.13 - Derby Ink Show: Expo center, Harrisburg, PA
  • 03.09.13 - Spike Hill, NY
  • 12.18.12 - DROM, NY
  • 11.04.12 - ING NYC Marathon
  • 10.20.12 - Bitter End, CMJ Festival, NY
  • 10.16.12 - Sullivan Hall, CMJ Festival, NY
  • 09.09.12 - The Crossroads, NJ
  • 08.18.12 - Arlene's Grocery, NY
  • 06.05.12 - Fontanas, NY
  • 06.01.12 - Arena, NY
  • 04.19.12 - The Kicking Corpse
  • 04.01.12 - Knitting Factory, NY
  • 03.02.12 - Spike Hill, NY
  • 02.25.12 - The Vibe Lounge, NY
  • 02.16.12 - The Delancy, NY
  • 01.27.12 - The Village Lantern
  • 12.23.11 - X-Mas Party @        Kenny's Castaways, NY
  • 11.03.11 - Kenny's Castaways
  • 10.14.11 - The Red Star, NY
  • 10.13.11 - Fat Baby, NY
  • 09.30.11 - The Village Lantern
  • 09.17.11 - The Room, CT
  • 09.03.11 - Sullivan Hall, NY
  • 08.20.11 - The National Underground NY.
  • 07.01.11 - Alphabet Lounge NY
  • 06.12.11 - Don Pedro's NY
  • 06.11.11 - Ottos Shrunken Head    
  • 06.05.11 - Knitting Factory NY
  • 06.02.11 - The Local 269 NY
  • 05.23.11 - The Trash Bar NY
  • 05.14.11 - Goodbye Blue Monday
  • 05.03.11 -The National Underground
  • 05.01.11- The Trash Bar NY
  • 04.29.11- Goodbye Blue Monday